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“Talking Soil With Soup” Notes

Hey DGC!  A while back I had the honor of coming on the show and talking organic soil with Scotty.  My idea was to talk organic soil basics in part one and then walk through a cycle of growing with this style in part two.  Scotty and I recorded part one but we really wanted the Dude to be there so we stopped after that.  (We’ve all gotten a bit busy and haven’t recorded part two yet, but I’m still hoping to talk soil with the Dude sometime soon.) I wrote up some notes before we talked.  We ended up just having fun chatting and not really sticking to the notes but I wanted to post them for you guys anyway.  I’m including the notes for part 2, as I’m not sure when we will get around to recording it but I thought you guys might find the info helpful. Hit the comments if you have any questions.  I’ll try to check back regularly and answer them as best I can. Thanks and Happy Growing! -Soup Lets Talk Amended Living Soil with Soup! (Part 1) Its not rocket science! Organics can be easy! I love all growing styles! If you grow plants, lets be friends! I’m Soup the Gardener, not Soup the Chemist (no offense intended to chemists!) I might over-simplify the science a bit to make it easier...

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Canna Bio questions

Howdy gang! I recently re-listened to an episode of the show from a while back featuring Canna-man and it brought up a few Canna related questions. Could you guys ask Canna man this stuff next time you see him?  Maybe if other people have Canna related questions we could start a list of questions for him in the comments below? Thanks! 🙂 -Soup Questions: 1.) Please tell me all you can about Canna Bio Vega and Flores.  It seems like a really unique product compared to other stuff on the market.  I’ve asked Canna about it before in emails...

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Soil Predators For Pest Control

Hey crew!  Like many growers, I get fungus gnats in my grow from time to time.  I often bring bags of compost or worm castings into my grow, which means I regularly risk bringing gnats or other pests in from the outside.  I also often have bags or totes of soil or compost in storage around my grow, which creates a lot of potential sites for pests to hide out. In the past, I’ve relied mostly on sticky traps, nematodes and BTi to control the issue.  For the most part it has worked to keep the gnats in check,...

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