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How to Make and Use Your Own Lactobacillus Culture

Hey DGC! Lactobacillus is a genus of beneficial bacteria. They are found pretty much everywhere and there are even some inside your digestive system right now! In fact, Lactobacillus bacteria are in many probiotic supplements and Lactobacillus species play an important role in the production of many common foods. In the garden, Lactobacillus serum can be used as a digester, helping break down organic matter and turn it into a form that is available to your plants. Since Lactobacillus bacteria are everywhere, its easy to make a concentrated culture you can use around your home and garden, and all you need...

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Soup’s New Flowering Room (Lots of pics!)

Hey DGC! So I’ve been pretty busy lately… Just finished some major upgrades so I thought I’d share the journey with the crew! I’ve been using a 6′ x 21′ room for my veg room for a while now.  When I started it was pretty rough, just 2x4s and exterior walls.  I’ve had plans to turn it into my flowering room for a long time, and I finally scraped enough money together to make it happen. Special thanks to The Dude and to Brendan from Spectrum King!  None of this would have happened without support from you guys and...

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Russet mites vs Predator mites

Hey everyone, So a few months ago I spotted what I believe were russet mites on one of my veg plants.  There were only a few and they were VERY small.  I only spotted them because I happened to be playing with my USB microscope and even under the scope at 150x they are still really hard to see.  (see attached Pic and terrifying video, assuming I uploaded them properly) At the time, I was preparing to shut down my grow to do some big upgrades, so I decided to toss all my plants and start fresh with...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

nug vault small

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