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Soil Predators For Pest Control

Hey crew!  Like many growers, I get fungus gnats in my grow from time to time.  I often bring bags of compost or worm castings into my grow, which means I regularly risk bringing gnats or other pests in from the outside.  I also often have bags or totes of soil or compost in storage around my grow, which creates a lot of potential sites for pests to hide out. In the past, I’ve relied mostly on sticky traps, nematodes and BTi to control the issue.  For the most part it has worked to keep the gnats in check,...

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Jazz part II: Return of the Jazz

Jazz! Jazz= Galactic Jack x Raspberry Kush bred by Heros of the Farm, Distributed by TGA Genetics Here is my first Jazz post with pics of her during the grow! Tastes like classic Jack Herer (lemon lime margarita mix + ammonia glass cleaner) but with some sour berry undertones.  I’ve always loved that classic Jack taste but the sour raspberry addition really makes it more complex and interesting!  Smoke is really smooth and extra thick, almost seems creamy.  Buds are all green on the outside, but full of purple colored patches inside.  Great all around smoke, great taste and...

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