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Cloning with a Glass of Water

Ok here is a couple of images of a 7 Septs cross Zombie Virus cutting I put into some ph balanced water with a little silica and a pinch of great white. This is the root formation at 2.5 weeks from taking the cutting and putting it in the glass. sat it near the window in the kitchen and the had some extra lighting after the sun went...

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Final Run of Pineapple Express

This is the last of the Pineapple Express I am doing for a little while and it became a bit of a monster nug. Grown under a 600 w HPS with House and Garden nutrients and put under the uva uvb tube for the second to last week, That light I have set up in one corner of the tent. The last week it was under a led and that made it a bit fluffy ( not to my liking ). over all not to bad considering it was in a 4 gallon...

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Nug Vault – Cash your Nugs in for Top Shelf Gear

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