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First Harvest

What up boys, I just cut down my first love. Its quite a special feeling to literally bear the fruits of your labor in your hands. Thanks to a little help from the DGC, I couldn’t be happier that my first seed popping would make it here. And now without further adieu, I give you the Trumped up (or trumped down in this case) “Auto Pounder”....

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Vape Fresh?

What up boys, I’m a week or so from my first harvest! My buds are a little toasty from an LED burn but they pulled through. I have a DaVinci IQ, and i was hoping someone could share their experience vaping fresh flower. Is it unpleasant? Inferior to cured bud? Could vaping the living flower give you an indication of when to harvest? P.S. just got in some Recharge for my next grow! Can’t wait to see the...

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Light Toxicity? Or Nute Burn?

Hello DGC! First grow Happy Frog Soil Mix Vipar Spectra V600 LED Gorilla Grow Tent 2×2.5 15 Gal fabric pot General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow and Bloom Great White Mycorrhizae Sprouted 1/2/2017 Flowered 2/11/2017 Autoflower Seeds: Auto Pounder 24/0 light schedule. I need help (for future grows) determining whether this is nute burn or light toxicity. Before the burn my feeding schedule was as recommended by the bottle 1/2 tsp per gal every 3 days. I did drop the leds to just 4 inches off the canopy prior to the burn. I know I made a mistake between those two...

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Ready to Flip?

What up boys! Been listening for a few months now, loved the show so much I had to pony up and join the DGC! Any ways, first time grower in Boston, really excited to be a part of this awesome community. I’m currently in week 7 of veg. Not sure whether this plant is an auto flower or not but these nugglets started blooming just 6 days ago. I ran a 24/0 photo period so far- using a 600 watt LED. Question: Should I veg for a week longer to fill out this ScrOG or should I flip this...

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