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Instability in the White House

What up Boiiis!! Shout out Guru! God bless the DGC! Love how much I’ve been able to learn with you guys! Recently the term genetic instability has been thrown around and I think an example has popped up in my garden; or I have neglected my plant in a way I am unaware. These leaves are discolored and have and inconsistent number of extremities and appear to decompress from a crumble.

Either way its cool. I like my plants like I like my women heavy set and unstable.

Let me know what you boys think!

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Dr. Greenthumb! Paging Dr. Greenthumb!

Salutations to the devoted caretakers of the Holy Basil. I too dabble in spreading the seeds of the holy mother across our land. I write to you looking for the proverbial “ounce of prevention.” My child lays in fabric bed filled with canna coco laced with Recharge and feast on the vigamatrix line. Understand this is only my 3rd cycle. I’m in week 2 of vegetative growth and I suspect something is up with my leaves. About a day ago they began to appear to “taco up”. Before I treat this child for an symptom she my not have, can any of you confirm I should do anything about this.

Thank you guys in advance!

Love the show and proud to be a part of the DGC!!!

P.s. would you flip at this point??

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Boston DGC

What up boys! Specifically New England DGC. Just purchased a wooded vacant residential lot that I will be converting into a small outdoor grow. 1. Is a green house necessary for a quality grow in New England? 2. What strains are you guys liking for this here latitude?


DGC Donny

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