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Need Some Advice From The Crew

Was up dgc well this plant was very green an healthy looking great then I got a very good down pouring of rain from the hurricane so I check her the following day an a lot of the leaves are turning yellow this happened over a days time . she is an outdoor plant the soil is heavy from clay I mixed in peat to loosen it up  so It could be holding to much water  it is growing gorilla style in the forest lol .so it does not get great drainage. I always ph nutes to 6.2 with...

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Black Diesel

This is a outdoor black diesel. Grown with new mill , recharge , mamoth p, power si silica . all I can say the pic don’t do justice I have never had an outdoor look so...

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Candy Kush

This frosty girl was grown in Lambert peat coco, castings mix .using new mill , power si monosilic acid, roots organic elemental , mammoth p , optic foliar , an recharge not in picture because I ran out the shit just works Scotty....

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Here is my C99 outdoor grow using Lambert peat coco an castings. Running New Millenium, Mammoth P and Recharge. I’m loving this strain outdoors she is gonna be a fast finisher that’s what I need here in the 910 before the humidity brings on the bud rot. An issue I been having with my outdoor last couple years. I think she will be a...

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