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What is up DGC!
Congratulations on the 1000!
I love everything you guys have been doing keep up the good work and cheers to another 1000 shows!  I found the show around 550 and have been hooked ever since i’m working my way through the grow talks during lockdown.
I have been growing for around 3 years a combination of autos outside (where i started) and last year i moved inside with a 5×5 tent to try and keep the dank flowing all year.
I have planted 10 autos Dinafem Cookies (GSC X OG KUSH AUTO)

8 looking good and i had two runts as expected. They are around 30 days old and were started under a t5 in the veg area. I recently moved them outside into the greenhouse after a couple of days acclimatization to the real sun. Leaving the runts inside for a week.
So over night i’ve had one auto that’s flopped. I haven’t watered since the transplant they wasn’t root bound at all as i try to get them before tap root get too far down. I carefully placed in hole and covered slightly to strengthen stem. All good for a week keeping the temps around 10-12c at night 15-20c in day. I know its a little cold i’m pushing it as i’ve started a month early. The others are doing great and i’ve gone ahead and planted the runt right next to it as its not looking good. What could cause this? Its looking like over’watering or some sort of root rot maybe? Any advice would be appreciated! Growers love guys! Stay irie!
oh its a third year no till bed top dressed with a 4-6-4 dry amendment week 4-5 in veg then twice of bat guano when they show flower and week 4 flwr. Fed nothing since last year but rainwater and microbes with a mycorrhiza fungi product tipped directly onto the hole ready for the roots. never had this before.