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What’s up Dude , Scotty , Guru And DGC . I have 6 auto flowers in a 4×4 tent with a LED , 400+ Spectrum King . My first grow with this light . It’s only my 3rd grow total . Using Co2 bags to supplement Co2. Temps are low 80s in the day and low 70s at night . I’m running AC unit . And humidifier. RH is 55-60 day and 60-65 at night , RH creeps up at night right now because of Cali weather lately ..  So still learning. I have 2 white widow auto(Seedsman genetics) 2 sour hound auto (Mephisto Genetics) 2 bubba kush (dinafem genetics) . Got my seeds from Seedsman.com , they give a grip of free seeds when u use bitcoin . Gotten my seeds in a pair of new boxers , business card case , new socks, they discreet. I will be into week 8 n a couple days from seed . Sour hound started flowering at week 3 and white widow at week 4  , and my bubba still no flower and actually very little growth ? They all get same feeding currently /microbe lift, Cali-magic , seagrow bloom 4-26-26 , recharge and bio cozym . Trying to keep it simple Besides the microbe lift for fungus Knat prevention it’s just 4 bottles . Oh using happy frog soil . Only used recharge n bio cozym first few weeks . I’ve heard Dude say those type of souls are good for a couple weeks on there own because of what’s in it . Started nutes at half strength and now at full strength with everything being around 5ml. Gal. . I stay with in my ph range and have kept ppm at around 1100 at most . Light is 20 on 4 off . I was thinking maybe pull the bubba out and give more darkness but u guys always say auto have internal clock that tells it when to flower regardless of light ? Mayb they not auto ? I only have one tent so when other 4 are ready to harvest auto will have to go outside. I would hate to kill it with time and love invested in it . I can’t kill so easily like Dude . The bubbas look good nice and green no pest no ugly leaves just no flower . The sour hound looks amazing I couldn’t of done it without the show and the crew . The white widow is coming along nicely as well.I read ever Autoflowering post on DGC website. I had to supercrop one of the sour hounds in first week of flower and plant did great . Was worried because of all the rumors around autos , but looking at auto flower Steave you tube he super crops , trains, and tops autos . I know growing 3 different strains would bring its own challenges but Scotty says best way to learn is just go for it start planting start learning. Did do IPM every 3 days or so .. alternated between azamax, neem, green cleaner / adding a treat with it either  growmore seaweed extract , floralicious Plus , jump start , grow more fish . One last question what can I spray or can’t spray on week 3 or 4 of flower ? In the group pic the bubba are the darker green plants at corners of tent .  Two in middle are sour hound with the bigger flowers.