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Hey there DGC,

Here is a quick hack for small scale growers to boost the amount of light your plants are getting and increase the efficiency of you lights without adding watts and heat. Adding a simple auto reflector around your plants is an easy way to up your ppfd. Tents are designed to reflect light but i have found that the tent sides aren’t close enough and the geometry of the corners are inadequate to really bounce back a decent amount of photons. The large size auto shades are perfect for wrapping around a few plants.

¬†With two SF1000R at 12″ my measurements showed a ppfd of about 950umol with the tent closed. With the shade in place the ppfd was about 1150umol. Thats a 17% increase for a $10 investment and no extra power draw. The only downside is that it must be removed to work on the plants but its not really much of a hassle. A big benefit of having a vertical reflective surface close to the plants is the side directed light will bath your cones in photons.