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First, big props to the dudegrows community for all the shared information. I was inspired by comments about crossing auto males to photo females to produce early and vigorous first generation photoperiod offspring. I have dipped my toes into autoflower breeding and my biggest success (so far) has been an F5 cross of White Widow by Nirvana and Purple Mazar by Flash Seeds. I happened on a single bag seed in an 8th of TK Stardawg Haze by The Bank. This germinated and produced a beautiful, lanky, stanky lady. I dusted said lady with pollen from my F5 auto, (I call it PMdawn) and the resulting females are remarkably consistent, easy to clone, and FAST.  Guess I’ll take my attention back to photos for a while and sharpen my cloning game. If I had only this to smoke on a desert island I think I’d probably stay. Thanks community  ☮  ❤ & 🪨 & roll