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Hey DGC, Fan of the show. I just got an 8oz of Recharge last and week and I appreciate the the alien tarantula from obsoul33t genetics that I got on Seeds Here Now that Scotty, Dude and Guru were nice enough too offer (just flipped a 5×5 full). So i’ve always heard autos wont clone. I was tying it down and a branch cracked so since I was in arms reach of of my clone stuff, I stuck it in water, dunked it in clonex, scooped some soil into a solo cup (bypassing the peat pellet Id normally use), didn’t even bother with a clone dome and just put into the tent that stays around 80 f and 40 humidity and now its outgrowing my other clones by like 3x’s. I assume its going to just quickly try to push flowers and die but i thought I’d share because I just thought it was funny I was so sloppy and it still rooted. Anyone have any clue or experience on what to expect? Been a big fan since i started growing at the beginning of the year. I have one ive been manually pulling out of the veg tent on day 45 of flower and finally I’m on day 1 of flower on 6 more Alien tarantulas, 1 Cinderella 99 and a tangerine dream auto in a 5×5 and got a happy mother and a few clones in a 2×4 for the next run and gotta thank this show and this forum for helping get me onto growing my own 12 legal plants here in Michigan. It’s fun, I caught the grow bug and so far so good. thank you