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Hey DGC! I just finished my first grow of some autoflower clones. The mother of these two clones sprouted into a seedling on 1/2/22 and vegged for about 42 days before flowering. I took 2 clones from the plant on 2/2 while the auto was still in full veg and put them in my aerocloner. I transplanted them into 1 gallon containers on 2/15 right around the time the mother was starting to transition into flower. I topped one of the clones on 2/21 to test the hardiness of a clone and it responded normally. They vegged for another 2-3 weeks before transitioning to flower. They did get a mid flower stress test….from some sort of rodent. Lol it got into my grow space and gnawed a couple of tops off of each plant which is why there are a couple gaps in the foliage. They kept chugging along and ended up producing some pretty acceptable nugs in my opinion. I cut them down Wednesday of last week around day 119 from the day I took the clones (104 from potting). I cut the mother down the first week of April for reference (day 100) so this is hopefully proof that the cutting does not stay on the same flower schedule as the mother. You can check out my CannaBuzz if you need further proof. These were grown with my standard NFTG regimen plus MSA, FPJs, and potassium inputs. I wanted to share this to show that you can indeed clone autoflowers if your timing is right. Albeit this strain vegs for about 6 weeks so it allowed me plenty of time to take some decent cuttings to make this work. This would definitely be more difficult with a 4 week vegging strain. Although the total yield probably won’t be but a couple ounces, that wasn’t my main goal here. I wanted to see if it was possible because one of these times I want to make my own fem auto seeds from a keeper. I believe that these plants are plenty big to get a good seed harvest from for my growing situation. I know many in the DGC aren’t thrilled with autos and I get it, but I really enjoy testing the limits of these plants and we need to not forget that autoflowers are half Cannabis Sativa also and they can be pretty tough plants if the breeder did their work correctly. Also I saw JR suggest the PhotoRoom app the other day and I had to give it a try and it’s not so bad. All of these photos were edited with a black background only on the app and it was pretty simple. If you pay for pro than you can take off the logo, maybe I’ll do that eventually if I continue to utilize the app. Anyways I hope you all are enjoying your gardens, lives, and loved ones, each day is a gift and I feel blessed to be able to grow Cannabis and share the fruits of my labor with this great community! Keep growing strong! #growerslove