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Whats up guys! Sorry for the lengthy body of my question, I just want to be as specific as possible to get some accurate answers. First off, I recently discovered your show (love it!) and I plan on becoming a member very soon. I have a question about leaf curl with new growth on my Black Jack autos and also some advice/concerns on anything you may see that I haven’t noticed.

I have 2 ladies in “FF Ocean Forest” soil, 4.5 gal pot, under a “Bestva”1000 watt LED and a 300 watt LED that came stock with the 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent kit I got off of the web. The RH in the basement they’re in is averaging at 45-55% and temp is from 70-82 degrees. The pot I have them in is a makeshift stainless steel restaurant mixing bowl (20 in diameter) that I drilled a decent amount of holes into, to ensure proper drainage. I was hesitant on this container because it is a little shallow, but it is wide enough to cover most of the bottom of the tent and give me a few more inches regarding height, don’t have much in a 4 ft tent!

They sprouted on Independence Day and I believe they’re in week 2 of flower. No big issues that I could tell all the way up until introducing nutes. Fortunately, through your show I learned that autos need very little to zero nutes. Unfortunately, I learned it last week when catching up on episodes! I’ve read somewhere to try not to give a seedling any fertilizer the first 4 weeks, it made sense, so I followed that to be safe. At the start of week 5 I introduced the “FF” line up (minus the kelp me kelp you, wholly mackerel and flowers kiss foliar spray) at 1/2 of what the schedule called for but still twice a week.

After the second feeding towards the end of that week the plants started to look droopy/curly and had minor nute burn on some of the tips. I got nervous after an additional day of looking weak and flushed them with sledgehammer. They bounced back quick. Looked very healthy.

At the start of week 6 I figured that I most likely flushed out a lot of needed nutrients from the soil during the emergency flush and that eventually I would run into a lot of deficiencies. I decided instead of feeding 1/2 of what the program called for at two feedings a week that I would feed them 1/4 of what the program called once a week. I’ve seen less curling and the plant looks healthier overall but I am wondering if the remaining curling it still has will just take more time to get better or should I cut the feeding schedule even further down and use 1/8 at once a week? What do you guys think? I read of a autoflower grower using 1/8 of a similar nutrient line once a week and he had great results so that is why I think I should go really really light on feeding vs no feeding at all, especially after the flush.

Please help me diagnose and keep on changing the world dudes! I appreciate what you’re doing and can’t wait to become part of the DGC!