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Hello DGC,

I’ve been watching you guys for about 6 months now. After a bit of research I decided to do my own grow. I’m growing 11 autoflowers in a 5×5 tent. They are growing in a dwc with canna coco as the growing medium. My nutrients are flora micro, flora bloom, golden tree, recharge, mammoth P, bud candy, big bud, and dissolved o2. I also have a micro co2 bag. My lights are a Mars hydro 1000, a viperspectra 450, and a cob light that came with the grow tent. I have a dehumidifier running in the tent and my carbon filter is in the tent. I’m running 2 fans in there as well. Anyways I’m in week ten and I had to force my girls into flower. Luckily after a couple days of 12 and 12 and switched them to 18 and 6. They are really getting tall in my opinion for Autoflowers. What could I be doing that made them take so long to flower? Is this normal? The seeds are from MSNL; I purchased bluetooth, white lsd, and 1 GDP. Any opinions or help would be great.