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Hey guys.

***some help please**** I have this big bud × Northern lights auto going into flower and about a week now the leaves have been looking funky. I’ve been feeding 1/4 strength nutes around 350 ppm with RO water and 6.0-6.2 pH. For nutrients I’m using Advanced nutes sensi grow for coco Part A and B as my base and in 70/30 coco perlite mix. It started showing signs and now a few kush doctor auto strains are having some curled dry edges.. Keep the pots moist so never drying out.. Tent stays around 40-60% RH and temps 77-88 degrees. 18/6 300w LED. 18 in from canopy.

Am i feeding to much? The past few waterings have been 0 ppm water and the runoff after feeding is usually 50-80 ppm off the intake mix.

Should i move this plant away from my others as it may be disease or is this nutrient overfeed or under? Please feel free to ask more information if needed.