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Greetings DGC!

I have had a lot of interest over on IG on how I set up my autohempy systems. Well, here ya go! You can throw whatever media you like in the container, Coco, Peat, even all perlite if you wish, and it works like a charm! The biggest obstacle was finding a good wicking rock-type media for the hempy zone. Perlite is a no-no in long-term beds, but I have used growstones and they work fantastic, but, of course, they don’t make growstones anymore! So I am trying a mix of my old repurposed growstones and some 1/2″ pumice. Hopefully, it will wick OK… Otherwise, I can go to plan B and add in some blumats and irrigate it that way.

But it’s super simple and super effective when irrigating plain H20. If you subirrigate synthetic nutes, especially ones with added humics and fulvics, you’re going to have to keep the float valve cleared of the inevitable sludge build-up (you can see some of the leftover sludge from the Veg+Bloom HD I used in the last grow, in the pic where I was initially filling the system to set the level). Synthetics do work great in this style, but just need more regular cleaning.

I plan to run plain H20 and periodically add a bit of EM1/Bokashi lechate to keep things clean and remove any sludge buildup. Draino for organics! I have 6 clones that need a week or two more before they will be rooted enough for transplant. Worms are ordered, and I plan to wait to mulch until after the worms and plants are in place.


Let’s see how it works! I have another system exactly like this, but with the BAS coots/oly LOS mix. Eventually, I want to run side-by-sides and see how much better the BAS LOS 3.0 modern mix performs than the standard coots blend.