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Whattup DGC!!  I need an honest opinion and I know this is the place for it. I recently got a temp/humid controller and a mini fridge. I bet you already know where this is going.

First, my apologies for this monster post. Thanks in advanced for anyone willing to read it let alone post a response.

The pic shows the setup, I have the fridge to keep temps right and a small dehumidifier that’s meant for a bathroom, so I figure it can handle a mini fridge. Also a small usb fan for air movement.

My concerns are; the dehumidifier operates best at a temp of 70+ but I’ll be keeping the temps lower than that. On the plus side, every time the fridge kicks on to start cooling, you can see the humidity drop. As soon as the fridge shuts off, the humidity levels off and slowly starts to rise. Assuming I can keep temp/humidity in check, my other concern is there really is no air exchange. I’m guessing that’s a major flaw in the design at this point but wanted some input.

I’m open to any and all suggestions for improving what I got, but if this just won’t work due to some “fatal flaw” I’m not considering, please let me know.

I spent a few few hours watching the setup cycle and started tracking numbers every 5 mins (I believe). The second pic shows the data points.

Its a lot to take in at first. The Yellow line represents max temp which will trigger AC. The dark blue line is Max RH which will trigger the Dehumidifier.  You can see when the DH turns on (green) the RH starts to drop (orange). When the AC turns on (grey) temp starts to drop (light blue) but RH also drops dramatically. Furthermore you can see when the Temp is lower than 70, the DH has a harder time and RH only goes down as Temp gets closer to 70.

Overall, the average RH is ~55 and Temp ~67.

Again, if you’ve read this far Thank You!! Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated.