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So I’m directing cultivation for a grow a state away. The most I can possibly be there is two times per month for a few days at a time. To compensate for this, everything is going to be automated with trolmaster irrigation, lighting, and co2 as well as the blue lab pro for dosing. There will be two people available to put in work at the facility, but they’ve never grown before. I’m trying to make everything perfect with a tuned environment, top of the line lighting, an effective ipm, and a solid nutrient schedule; however, I cant help but worry that it’s not enough without me being on site every day. What do you guys think? Has anyone ever done something similar? My plan is to have them follow my schedules and I will show up on the important days of the process and check up on the plants daily, but is it enough to hit the yields that I’m used to, 2 pounds plus. I’m trying to curb the lack of experience by bring in easy to grow, high yielding genetics like blue dream and lilac diesel. What do you guys think?