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Much love and respect to all the DGC, It was such a pleasure meeting the Dude, figured we share this years medical hemp garden. First time growing outside, with the peppers, Mellon’s, squash, borage, sunflowers, many herbs, ornamental flowers And fruit trees.  The last year and a half we’ve lost 80% of our harvest to pest and disease (we can’t spray or use harsh chem) I really started to miss spider mites once we started dealing with russets/broads. We’re turning to seed only and letting all our flavors go because asexual reproduction doesn’t fit in our current ipm. I just haven’t seen health in the garden as when it came from a bean👍🏻….. Burn a J for us and happy gardening. (Photos taken may 5-August 13) CBD Lavender auto, first hemp plant 🌱 to start flowering.