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Hi y’all. I have a few autos that are about 3 weeks into flower in my 4×4, along side some photoperiods that are getting pretty big and taking up  precious room. I’m getting to the point where I want to flower the photos and it might coincide with the autos finishing. I’m thinking the autos might get a bit more senescence by lowering the hlg 600rspec in like 2 weeks once I change the light cycle to 12/12 for the photoperiods to start blooming. This would actually benefit the plants I’m thinking and give them a better finish…? What does the DGC think?? Let me know!

Autos are Mephisto: double grape, toofless alien, hubbabubbahaze, and strawberrymango crumble. Also a fastbuds bubblegum freebie in the back. Photoperiods are ethos genetics apex and ethos banana hammock and bc bud depot strawberry cough, all from seed. I want to maintain the apical Maristem of each plant also so topping isn’t an option (just a random thing I want from this first grow from all seeds-not clones). All being grown in a soil/perlite/biochar/worm casting mix and using fox farm nutes with power si and cal-mag, recharge along with fox farm microbe mix that I am alternating to diversify microbial colonization. And using lost coast plant therapy for ipm weekly. Really happy with this one and you guys have helped me in the past so eager to see what people think. Ny best auto run to date!!! Excited to hopefully try out that mondo fertilizer as I have a healthy selection of auto seeds to choose from! DGC