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What’s up DGC! So I’ve been struggling in the probation land of the sun shine state. What the hell is with my state an the beef with Recharge?? None of my local hydro shops carry any and are always pushing great white in its place an Great White is good an all, I get it more microbes or what not. But I believe, from what I understand its recipe the other things in Recharge that make it all work great together. Not just the microbes, I mean I can get Mammoth P if is strictly about microbes count an look iv seen plenty of videos on YouTube where they all grow the DANK with each product alone AND together Mammoth P and Recharge (which id like to do) Great white and Mammoth p and so forth an so on. Its tough enough growing in Florida… Scott knows my pain. With our environment we need all the help we can get. I feel blessed to have a community to talk to about this finally. One love DGC Fam. Oh almost forgot 2 weeks in on some Auto Watermelon punch from Kind bud farms OG DGC baby! I’M gona grow the DANK DAMMIT!