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Hey guys. On my 4th grow. Three were photos that were in soil using general hydro 3 part and worked flawlessly. i felt untouchable after those grows. well i have blueberry autos in coco, mixed with a little leftover soil now and boy am i humbled. it has been a nightmare. 3 are in 5 gall fabric, using the same general hydro synthetic nutes. and one i just put 2 gallons i had left and rolled down the sides, and used gaia green dry amendments and worm castings. Just wanted to do a little head to head. well the gaia green plant looks perfect, its about 2 weeks into flower and beautiful leafs, perfect bud structure and always at attention. my other three look really weird . they are always droopy and the leaves are super thin and the bud structure is really thin and messy looking to. my temps are 80 and humidity is 50 and pH is usually about 6.2. i’m in a 2×4 closet with 300 watts of vero 29s, a carbon filter exhaust and a small clip fan always on (my stems could hold up a buick). i started with only watering every second or third day like i did with soil and they yellowed. so now i do it daily, whether they seem to need it or not. seems to keep the color fine  i googled blueberry autos and seen 1 seed companies pic looked whispy like mine, but the 100s of others didnt. so maybe its strain or maybe its me or maybe the seed in gaia green isnt even a blueberry auto and the seed company screwed me. (i have no confidence in my seed company, every seed i purchased was genetic hermie, and these are the second replacement seeds i got for the last bad batch, but being canadian i had limited trustworthy choices.) we’re not rich, and i do this to help my mother who just beat breast cancer, and help my wife who suffers from ptsd. having a failed grow is the difference between our big family struggling to get by while we wait on another grow or us being able to have the meds they need without financially crippling us. so any advice would be awesome. do i keep on this path and am i over thinking it, or is there a real issue that is going to effect my yields. ps i also topped one as a test also. sorry its such a long post. and you guys are the best.