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Veg tent: 2*2*4 with Mars TS1000 18/6 on 75% at about 30″ above the seedlings and 6″ above the mother. 16 inch pedestal fan which is proving far to powerful and I have to leave the flap open all the time. Temp sits around 70-73F. For veg tent. Can I just vent into the next room? Is that enough? Do I need CO2 for it? Storage room is dusty. What I’m thinking for veg tent is ducting from the top to the next room. Which is our living room where we hang out and work and volcano all day. I’m thinking one 6inch clip fan should be sufficient for pushing the air inside, not sure if 4inch in-line is enough in this small space without a  foliar fan? I don’t wanna use TNB  CO2 if I don’t have to, but I suppose I can pony up if it’s the difference in the 2-3oz harvest I will currently get and something that will cut out my weed expenses. Need 15oz per harvest 420g 😎. I want to close the tent so it’s easier to regulate. In this tent I have a prop dome with inside heater, which needs an upgrade already. The Amazon ones are shit. Trying to get some clones and seeds started in here for now in rooter with clone gel. Some took

Flower tent: 4*4*6.5. Mars2 Hydro 900w both switches on 12/12. I use a humidifier in here because I’m in a dry cold climate. The basement temps are about 71 day and 69 night. The humidity drops super low to like 30% some nights so I run a humidifier up to 43% during the day with the same 16inch pedestal fan running with an open flap during the day. At night i close the fan flap and turn on my in line fan which is on top and really just pulls air through the tent into the same room. As you can see I can do a better job here as well.

My plan for this is to move my tent and vent it out the dryer vent using a tee connection and I guess use a flap to stop dryer/cold air from going backwards. I don’t know why I would do this with LED when I’m already running it 71Fish. The basement is Dusty and also storage for now. I was thinking to pull air only through a carbon filter (no more holes, just one) connected to the bottom hole to clean the air before it goes in the tent. I don’t care about smell. I’m NOT even sure all this is necessary. I am growing in soil for now, using Remo Nutrients. Grow & nature’s candy for veg and Bloom/Astro flower/nature’s candy for flower 🌻. For the basement/flowers does ventilation outside increase CO2 or is that just to drop the temperature for HID/HPS guys? For that tent would sucking air through only the carbon filter on the lower intake through an inline be enough just in a closed loop, to clean the air to be better for my plants? Like with a couple clip fans blowing air inside? Someone said just run it through furnace filters online. I guess up against the rectangular intakes. Not sure how to improve.

Thanks again and again 💚