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Hey DGC, CPuffy here!

Ok so I have this Purple Diesel Daze bred by Europa Seeds thats a cross between Grandaddy Purple and NYPD. Sweet, Grapey, fuely, dankness with that awesome “electric” diesel high, everybody loves it!! BUT, it was advertised as an 8-9 weeker which I’m willing to go 10 in my garden with a select 1 or 2 things that are worth it (this would classify). Except this is my second time running this (first time I did a selection with a 10 pack) and this is my selected one out of the bunch it had a middle of the line flowering time but the shortest I had was 10 1/2 weeks with some going 14 just to have like 5% Amber! Today is day 73 and I plan on chopping next week but my question is.

What traits would you look for in a male to try to maintain as much of the flavor as possible and potency but shorten up the flowering time a bit? As it stands I’ll probably be chopping her around day 80 again which I would love to shave 10-14 days off of that but at least try to keep the flavor and that electricity you know? That’s what everybody enjoys about this strain so anything else would be pointless! I already have a small collection of pollen from different males from my different hunts, all labeled in jars with notes on their identifying traits as they grew out, some I have small clones of some not, but so my hope is, maybe I might already have something that could align with at least a starting point to go from so I can begin trying things this next run with her!

Hey thanks in advance DGC! And stay dank!!