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Hey guys,

I first off want to thank you three for not only some great information but a genuinely entertaining show! Please keep up the great work!

I haven’t grown in 10 years and this is my 2nd cycle back. The flowers you see in the pics are in their 9th week. The Purple ones are Super Silver Haze, the greener ones are Bruce Banner.

They’ve been grown in DWC with the full line of Canna nutrients under CMH 315 watt lights. I know you guys aren’t fans of DWC but that is my expertise and am not nearly as confident with any other methods. That being said I will start using coco now after everything I have learned with you guys and will definitely try out the recharge, I have heard great things about it.

Anyway, please let me know what you guys think. I think I got lucky and managed to crack a couple really nice phenos. The SSH has a very rare smell, almost like musky. Like old man cologne but in a good way. But it smokes great and very delicious.

Again, thank you guys for what you do.