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Good morning DGC and shout out to Warehouse Kyle.  Been growing for a little over a year and a half now in Arizona.  I started with autoflowers in soil and dry organic amendments, you know, all the things a new grower shouldn’t do.  LOL.  Regardless, and amazingly, I have managed to have some success, along with a few failures along the way.  Found the DGC a little late, but I have been hooked ever since.

I am in need of some support.  Until now, I have only had one auto plant not automatically begin to flower, but I attributed this situation to the Alfalfa I had introduced in the soil, which I had not previously used.  Wont make that mistake again.  No big deal, move on.

Fast forward to today, and thanks to Scotty I have upped my game with Grow Dots and Recharge.  I run all my plants in coco coir with Grow Dots and Recharge once a week.  Everything has been great, until now.  I currently have two plants in my tent that look amazing, (shout out Grow Dots!) but after 7 weeks, still no signs of flowering.   These are new genetics to me, I purchased these beans locally from a grower.  I’m wondering if I have bad genetics, and how to proceed.  I read several posts on the internets that suggested stipule on the nodes.  The posts stated the if the stipule only had one ‘Vertical’ pistil, the plant was garbage and would never flower.   Having read this information on a couple of sites, I took a look.  Sure enough my non flowering plants only have one solid green/red pistil coming from the stipule on my nodes.

My question to the DGC is, do I scrap these two plants?  Do I put them under 12/12 and see what happens?  Are they susceptible to hermies?  I’m bummed out because the plants look fabulous, but they are not on the schedule my other autos are.  And haven never grown photo period plants, I don’t know what to expect.   Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.