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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while Guy’s. Been dealing with a lot of shit. really need some help here. Pretty sure my last harvest had something sprayed on it by someone close to me intentionally while it was drying and even after being trimmed. 5 different strains should not smell the same and it’s a trippy like sour chem kinda smell. I figured it out cause this one strain I trimmed up smelled great tasted great everything and no it smells like that same smell. I’ve had over 45 to 55 perfect grows under my belt and never once had a issue even when there was an issue if your picking up what I’m putting down. It’s always smelled good and for sure different in each strain. There’s no mold at all. Idk if any of the DGC does testing or runs a lab out there? If so please get at me and any other input or advice let me know. Nothing but love

The kid