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Hey DGC,

Been a member for a few months now and a grower for about 6 months. Things were going pretty well with some auto flowers I have been running and I now took the plunge to photo period plants. I got some Arise from Rasta Jeff and was about a month from seed when my temps started going way up in my veg room ( I know, it’s a blurple, but it does well for veg and then to the HLG 600-H for flower) and got up to 88 degrees and unfortunately my central air system was just not keeping up with the raise in summer temps so I had to do something no one in prohibition land wants to and call an a HVAC guy to my house.

I’m obviously freaking out and going through everything bad that could happen and am worried about the smell obviously and some stranger being in my house. I have a veg and flower room in two different bedrooms with the damn central air in the hallway door between them so whomever comes in my house will probably smell something. I have a carbon filter in my flower room so I wasn’t as worried about that and I have an Ozone generator I put in my veg room while he was there.

It took him about two hours where the a/c was off and the temps got up and I now know you NEVER use and Ozone generator in the same room as your garden. My plants look awful now and need advice on whether to chuck them and start over or not. I am attaching pic so you can see the before and after.

Any my help is greatly appreciated.

Come on prohibition!