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First ever grow at bout week from harvest, had lots of ups and downs and a few disappointments. But here they are 3 of the 6 Girl Scouts I planted from some bag seed that actually turned out to be females so hyped. Started in happy frog foxfarm 1 gallon, transferred to ocean forest blended equal parts with more happy frog. Periodically top dressed with ocean one time and strawberry fields the next bout half way thru was able to get almost the foxfarm nutes to feed with. Oklahoma 2 step was implemented a feeding every other day then a recharge. This is all a major success from being a Patreon and the DGC website and knowledge from Guru, Dude and Scotty real thank you guys and everyone who posts the right questions and getting some awesome answers. My light is a 540 full spec in 4x4x8 hanging between 18 and 20 inches listening to the plants and watching them dance. Added a t-6 for exhaust and a t4 ac infinity for intake throughout my grow and helped a lot. Hopefully next grow be even better just started flush harvest in a week or so thank you all from the DGC I couldn’t have done it without y’all.