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Well this was in my random seed jar (bag seeds). I named it 3 headed monster. It was a wild grow all the way through. Seemed to always be changing. Deficiencies, under/over watering. Never really seemed comfortable. Canna A/B, mammoth P, Recharge, tupar coco 25% worm castings and 10% added perlite. 3 gal radical bags (game changer for me). Oh recharge is alright too.  Pushed it to 9 1/2 weeks but still would have probably been ok for another week but,  oh well. Next plants coming in.

I run a 2x3x7 metal cabinet I have  repurposed as a grow. 315 cmh with ac infinity 6 in fan.
Might not have been one of the frostiest buds, it has a heavy sativa buzz, slight citrus taste with a kushy heavy backside.  Also who couldn’t be upset about one top becoming 3. Good times DGC much love. 🌱💨