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Greetings DGC,

I am in the process of building out the medicine  garden  and stuck on container choice. Fabric bags or nursery pots? To mitigate the effects of a TBI and PTSD and other ailments, I need to keep the daily routine as simple as possible, so I’m going for a “seed to harvest, water only” routine, using a formula consisting of some combination of  peat, coir, Natures Living Soil, worm castings, RECHARGE <duh>, perlite, Ocean Forrest and Happy Frog, some additional bone/blood/keep/ meals and minerals, but we’ll zero in on that later. I’m still working on sourcing all the ingredients out here in the pucker-brush, and my monthly 70% VA Disability check doesn’t stretch very far.
I’ve run some auto’s in the 7 Gallon cloth bags, and appreciated inability to over-water my plants, and the humidity they pour out when trying to grown in Zone 3a in the dead of winter. Conversely, I  do not appreciate the amount of water  I’m toting in buckets out to the Barn’age every day.
Trying to stay in the same size range I’ve tried some 12”x12”x12” nursery ports that actually fit my grow space better, and are easier to move around because they slide better,  but it is _so_ easy to over water, and takes forever to recover (dry), all the while inviting vectors for disease. So, I’m already not digging it too much.
Staying within our State regulations, a perpetual harvest of 2 Auto’s per month gives Lolli & Pop all the medicine we need, and plenty to share/trade with other with loved ones. And provides enough variety and excitement to keep the taste buds from getting bored.
I top, HST and LST my autos, in addition to my VPD efforts, to promote airflow and strive for more/smaller buds vs one big donkey dick, to keep harmful things out of my lungs. (Before getting the Cool Cure, I lost too many beautiful dense colas to mold, it’s heartbreaking.) I have “Iraq Afghanistan War Lung Injury”, and this along with bud washing, is my pulmonologist strongest recommendation to keep my lungs good (right behind quitting smoking… but that’s not going happen.)
The plan is to run 2 autos in the (heated) basement under the HLG320 XL “B spec” for veg and slide down the line under the 320XL R for pre/mid-flower, and then move them out to the tent when they start getting stanky and need the space. Yes, each auto will have an entire HLG 550 to finish flowering under. Airflow and light-go-go! At least until the Rec. laws ease up a whole lot, next year.
The Hardware Specs: (I know all you folks are gear junkies, I feel you ….)
Zone 3a  Vermont USA
4×8 Gorilla Grow Tent
(24) 3” 4’x8’ rigid foam insulation
(2) Pulse monitor
(2) HLG 550 R-spec
(1) HLG 320 XL B-spec
(1) HLG 320 XL R-spec
(1) Cloudline T6 (tent)
(1) Cloudline T4 (basement)
Cannatrols Cool Cure cabinet (LOVE IT)
S&B Mighty
ProtoPipe (from 1884)
Genius Pipe
Thick Ass Glass 18”
VitiMix VitaPrep 3
RobotCoup 3Qt.
Hobart 5Qt. mixer
(Former Pastry Chef so, stand by for some tasty edibles !-)
Very Respectfully

Pop’s Medication