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This is my all-time favorite strain to grow, and consume. Solfire gardens knocked it out of the park on this one! Very stable genetics, I’ve grown 6 beans and only had 2 different phenos. The biggest difference in the phenos are the terpene profile, and the trichomes structure. Pheno 1 has a more earthy, sandalwood terpene profile with the trichome production with a more greasy feel. Pheno 2( my favorite) is for the strawberry lovers like myself. It has a very pungent strawberry smell, and tastes like strawberry jelly. The trichome structure is gritty on this pheno suggesting it would probably be a good one to use for hash/extractions.

Good ol’ Missouri organic home grown, living soil with build a soil amendments with my own recipe not a kit they sell. Water only and recharge every 10 days until the last 2 weeks of flower. Spider farmer sf4000 with ac infinity fan and controller. Simple easy and effective. If your not using Recharge in your garden already, your missing out. Scotty Real makes life easy, I’ll be running grow dots with this strain on my next run.

I want to thank you guys for this great community you’ve grown this into. I’ve been watching your show for years, I’ve seen every episode lol. There is not another community like this anywhere, a place you can come to ask questions without criticism, talk and share knowledge with link minded people. It is sad that we lost Guru, he was a awesome part of the community and will be missed but a special special thanks to Banner! You stepped up when we needed you and jumped into a position the show needed and have killing it!