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First grow EVER… surprised myself the big bushy bastard is Barney’s farm gorilla zkittles… don’t get me started… it was free…. Everyone I know who has grown Barney’s farms has had problems 🤷‍♂️Says 68 days to harvest I’m on day 62 for both!! Haha…. Now the Dutch passion…. Banana blaze Sheeeeesh lol I mean I really surprised myself with this one…. Humidity here in Virginia is no joke in the summer time can reach 90%!!!!  This girl has got me singing maryjane by Rick James in my head every time I open the tent and look at her!!! Smells like cream and chem and gas…. For an auto this plant has some of the stickiest resin I’ve seen…. Can’t wash my hands to get the stickiness off…. pH adjusted tap water nothin crazy in northern va ppm reads at 220!!! really trying to work on bod in the summer time and get that locked in!!! Fall winter time gonna crank up some really funky from gas reaper scarlet sunset!! And some ethos Pluto’s cut!! Thank you guys for everything!!! Here’s some pics of my girls and the nutes I’ve been using!!! Subscribed to patreon as well you guys get me through my days at work!!!!