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Hey dudes, I’m currently growing some banana mac from bag seed given to me by a friend.  I had originally planned on running a room of jinxproofs vixen but they all hermed on me, every damn one. Luckily my gifted seeds weren’t affected and I got rid of the vixen before it became a problem. My ladies are starting week 7, grown in roots organic soilless mix with added earth worm castings and some vermiculite to hold some moisture. For nutrients I decided to stick with Botanicares Pro blend grow, and entire botanicare supplement line with a healthy mix of blackstrap molasses in bloom.. I start my plants with a healthy dose of  Xtreme Gardenings azos, mykos, and a dash of recharge for good measure to veg. While vegging 1x a week I will give them a dose of OG BioWar nute pack and foliar. For lighting I have been running under 3k of CMH lighting in a 8×8 grow space, set in the middle of a 12×12 grow room. Times got hard with half of my office catching covid at once, and around week 5 I had to sell my cmh lamps to be able to provide for my wife who is now 9 months pregnant. Thank god a friend on instagram gifted me a 1k hps bulb to go with an old school vivosun 1k digital hps ballast. Under an old aluminum wing sits the ugliest hps bulb you ever did saw. The ladies got a couple days of dark before they were introduced to the hps lamp. Over the past week and a half they have flourished. Bulking up here towards the end.  The room temps have stayed steady at 77 to 78 degrees 50% rh daytime and 65-68 degrees 45% rh night time.