2 phenos in the hunt. #1 is pic 1, 2 & 3. #2 is pic 4. Pheno #1 matured earlier and is being set aside for 48hr darkness before cut and hang. Pheno #2 isnt quite ready. #1 has longer internodal spacing requiring a net or staking but #2 is producing a short plant with slightly larger and denser buds able to remain upright on her own. In case you’re wondering why they’re not grown out I took cuts before flowering and flowered early to hunt a keeper. Only 2 plants bcs of state limits.

Grown with The Rev’s TLO soil & top dress, Recharge, H&G Roots Excelorator, insect frass, diluted worm bin chelate, water and a fair amount of TLC. TLO Soil has worked for me so far but Im aware there are some personal health risks… Any advise on what’s a good replacement for bat guano and bone meal?