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After trying many ways to get rid of fungus gnats, from sticky traps to nematodes. I find this method to be not just effective but beneficial.

This method combines the effectiveness of Diatomaceous Earth with the versatility of sphagnum moss.

Now let me break it down to you guys, the great flaw with Diatomaceous Earth powder is that eventually you will have to water your medium, making the powder as an effective fungus killer useless and nothing more than a source of silica.

Now here’s where sphagnum moss comes into play, it just happens to be the perfect texture. It’s light yet still dense enough to be a good mulch, yet structured in a way that only less than 20% of it actually touches the soil and most of all Diatomaceous Earth powder sticks extremely well to it.

I like to get a bucket and mix it all up to make sure the moss is completely covered in powder and  then I place it on top of the soil or medium of choice.

Benefits of this method include.

1. reuse ability/save money.

2. Disrupting fungus grunts reproduction cycle.

3. source of silica.

4. Mulch

I recommend waiting at least a day after watering before using.

Thanks guys for everything, keep on doing what you’re doing.