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The hunt for a mother is on….popped 5 Barneys Farms Acapulco Gold F2 or F3 not quite sure I know they bred just enough to stabilize….we , (Mrs Kushman and I) love the classic oldies ….so considering the convenience of our geographical location here in AZ we put some feelers out and after a year and a call in the middle of the night we got  3 F1 that came from the Acapulco region..let’s just say we know these are F1 Acapulco Gold. Popped them straight into the dirt 3 days ago…recharge just enough to stain water from first set of true leaves..

3 for 3 on the F1 4/5 on Barneys….

I am betting buddies that the F1 strain will be faster and hardier than Barneys, they are much more aggressive from the jump….will be interesting to see which is superior,we will be keeping an F1 mother regardless as well as a B.F A.G…

My better half says her money is on the Barney’s… little in house competition…. kinda like the choice between Rage tickets for me and Marilyn Manson for her back in the day… hated the Marilyn Manson show lol….