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What it do fellow growmies? This is only my second grow and super psyched with the results. Decided to go organic, living soil is calling my name. I ran (4) Gorilla Zkittlez clones with Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Platinum Mix, Wiggle Worm Soil Builder castings, Recharge (of course!), Mammoth P, General Organics Go Box, Happy Frog (dry amendments) 5-7-3 during veg, 4-9-3 during flower, Boogie Brew compost tea with their insect frass which was also used as a top feed (just the insect frass), and a small top feed of Langbeinite (Down to Earth) in early-mid flower. Sounds like a lot, but very minimal doses were used at various stages. I kind of micro-dose my plants. Balanced environment, and biodiversity seems to be my style.

Powered by a Spider Farmer SF4000 in a 4×4 tent. They went from 1.75 gals, to 3.5 gals, to finally 10 gal Radicle Bags. They are still drying. The pic is only a nug from a test branch at day 8 of the dry. Going for a 14 day dry. Have been averaging 67°/60%rh so far for the first week. Love my new Infinity Controller67! I couldn’t have put this all together without out the DGC of course. Thank you so much everyone! This community has been a life changer for me.

P.S. The aroma is super terpy and overpowering with rich earthy tones. Along with it, is that infamous Zkittlez smell. Can’t wait to taste it!