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In the first picture in the back is an Amnesia and Northern Lights autos in coco that are going great but I’ve been looking to simplify my growing as I’m getting sick of watering everyday in the coco. The two front plants are a Glue Gelato and Purple Punch autos from Barneys Farm growing in a mix of re-used Canna Terra soil, worm castings and rice hulls and being fed with Biobizz nutes but they aren’t happy. They have been stunted from the start, are light green (not enough Nitrogen I’m guessing) and have already started to flower.

It’s my first run in organic and obviously want to improve from this stunted batch but am unsure what has caused them to be such runts… I’m thinking its due to reusing the canna terra so for my next run I was going to get a new lot of canna terra soil and try again. I am in prohibition land NZ so am very limited on products I can get but does anybody have any ideas on a very basic organic soil recipe I might be able to cobble together to use with Biobizz nutes, and / or any ideas on why my current run is growing so poorly so I can improve for next time it’d be very much appreciated!   Thanks DGC!