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Good day fellow DGC!

After a battle with gnats and root aphids I’ve finally found a good solution that works! I have spent countless hours researching and applying different methods and techniques to aid my gardens of root aphids mostly. It seems that everything I read came back around to Botanigard. I tried 2 different types and neither one helped whatsoever. So hopefully this will save someone a ton of time.

I grow organically with super soil so I wanted to keep from using chemicals or nuking veg and especially flower. After searching the internet and asking people on this platform as well as Instagram I came across a product called The Amazing Doctor Zymes. It’s an organic pesticide which is basically a citrus soap. It kills insects on contact. Pretty much dissolves them. Now be warned, it kills beneficial insects as well. So I root drenched every plant and pot I have. I root drenched every other day for 3 applications. In between root drenching I would also foliar spray with Lost Coast Plant Therapy. After the first application I noticed a huge difference.  I only saw one insect after the first drench and nothing afterwards. I just assumed that I still had bugs as I believe everyone should assume with soil. So I then purchased nematodes and rove beetles. I believe it’s important to continually add beneficial insects. I plan on repopulating once a month. Don’t forget sticky traps!! I hope this helps people that could use the info. Grow on Growmies!!

F aphids!

– Cosmic out