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So my critical xxl auto hits day 75 on the 5th and should be ready for harvest. By my eye, it’s not even close to being ready. So my main question for this post is do I give this auto another week or two of nutrients before I start flushing or should I just feed straight pH water until it’s finished up ? I don’t want to over feed it and mess up the flush but also it’s still got that bit of fattening up to do so I don’t want to under feed her either and mess up the yield. This is my very first grow and I have another auto in veg and a photo that’s ready to be flipped to 12/12 so this critical is being a pain in the arse and messing up my schedule haha. I mean I’ve seen this Strain run up to 12-13 weeks because it’s an xxl I think it’s classed as a super auto and obviously is meant to fatten up and yield much more than it is at this moment I mean almost every hair is still white so it’s not close to maturity yet. All advice appreciated. Room is all dialed in and spot on running 600 watt hps and 600 watt vipaspectra led with advanced nutrients jungle juice micro, grow, bloom, big bud and overdrive then straight pH water on flush as I’m not sure I want to sure any flushing agents or not as I’ve heard sugar water works just as well for that final flush.