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Starting on 420 I became Johnny Cannabis Seed in my area. I started taking twice annual walks, visiting mountain trails, creeks, parks, etc, dropping seeds. Spring is the perfect time of year to drop old seeds, random seeds even herm seeds into a chance harvest.

I am using it to possibly get an early glance at seeing my last crops breeding efforts. If they are found I hope it’s by someone who enjoys, if not I’ll take the other half of my twice annual walks in October.

I just soak my seeds in a small sealed container with diluted Recharge the night before, then go for a walk. I encourage everyone in the DGC who can to do the same and each one, leave one. Of course if you’re in PB land like me, you must use caution. Happy Growing 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient

You aren’t “OG” unless your first joint was in ZigZag Wheaties

I learned Geography from High Times magazine in the 1970’s.

Cannabis taught me the metric system before it was taught in school

Famous last words of the 1970’s, “I ain’t paying 40 bucks for a lid of that Columbian Punta or Sinse’y crap and sure as hell ain’t paying 15 bucks to try some stinky, stringy grass tied around a stick”.

Everything that I know about botany and horticulture I learned from cannabis, the rest I learned from the DGC.