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Hey DGC, Not really a question but a Shout Out from the Beyond section at the Bed and Bath store. Found a neat little hack for a foiliar applicator. The Misto Olive Oil Sprayer. I don’t have a big enough grow to justify using a 1/2 gal. sprayer and I don’t really like how other spray bottles don’t really offer a fine mist. For $9.99 I bought a Misto oil sprayer. I was pleased to find out that 100ml fills the sprayer with just the right amount and made for easy measurements. The sprayer is manually pressurized and delivers a high pressure mist/stream. I found it easy to get full coverage with little runoff. Only downside I found was the sprayer had some liquid inside the top which spills out after a usage if you don’t expect it (small price to pay). I could see one full bottle covering 3-4 ten inch tall plants (sparingly). I foiliar fed and plan to buy a second sprayer for pest control. The Dude’s mechanical recipe of cold ice water at a high pressure would work great with this as well. The stream that come out is enough to knock of pests and the fine mist leaves a nice coating of whatever… Maybe I’m just high walking around Bed Bath and Beyond thinking too much Grow but I’m diggin it… Try don’t try it