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So this is my third harvest but my first photoperiod harvest. Now I see why people rely on photos. Seeds are from ILGM.com 1 “Girl Scout Cookies” and 3 strawberry kush. Grown in fabric pots with coco, perlite, Gaia green 4-4-4 and 2-8-4, cal-mag, and of course recharge under 1 ES300 LED. I learned this method from Mr.Canucks but made it actually successful thanks to the DGC! Everything went smooth once dialed in but probably switching to florafex as it’s easier to obtain in the states. After this I gained the confidence to try out my expensive Square One Genetics. I have 4 ladies in week 2 of flower, GRCxBBC, peanut butter cookies, wedding cake x Apple fritter, Tahoe og x runtz and will update after harvest. Click the links at the bottom of post for videos as it does way more justice IMO. Thanks growmigos and keep up the good fight!