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I want to start growing MJ for my own pain medication (hips & back). The Problem: My wife only allows me to grow in our attic and there is a very low ceiling. Also i have to be stealthy – Weed is still illegal in my Homecountry Germany (by the way: Sorry for any typos or weird sentences).
There are only a few growing tents who would fit in the Attic. The only tent with the right height AND a enough space for more than one plant is the Secret Jardin Cristal Room145 (5′ x 5′ x 5′):
This tent is designed for plants in vegetative state, but i want to use it for the full lifecircle. The plan is to grow only short strains with 2 weeks Veg  and 8 Weeks Bloom.
Heat is a problem in this tent. The manufacturer says it can only be used with CFL but i think that LED might also be possible.
I was thinking about the DIY-Kit from GrowMau5 (http://www.cutter.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=cut2900).
Do you think this Kit the right one for me or is it to much for this kind of tent? Also: Can I place the driver outside of the tent to emit even less heat inside?
Or should i just start with a Mars II 900?
What do you think?
THX for your help!!! I’m open to any suggestions – but i’m also on a tight budget. My wife is watching. 😉
Bud McLovin