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Vaping extracts can feel daunting, there is so much to know from devices to specific types of extracts, coils, maintenance, and temperature settings. Luckily, this guide will help to answer some of your most pressing questions as a beginner and help you choose the best extracts to give you the most ideal vaping experience. 

What exactly is extract/concentrate vaping?

Vaping concentrates are also called herbal concentrates, you typically use these in a DAB pen. The “dabs” are small and contain very concentrated ingredients that allow you to inhale more of the cannabis. 


8 Types of Extracts

  • Extracts

An extract is a substance made by extracting part raw material by using a solvent such as ethanol or water. Extracts may be sold as tinctures, absolutes, or in powder forms.

  • Concentrates

 A concentrate is a form of substitute which has had the majority of its home base component removed. 

  • Cannabis oil concentrates  

Cannabis oil runs like water; it has a medium potency (wax is more potent). They can vary in color, and are usually found pre-filled in vape pens. Oils are a perfect solution for casual vapers who want to be able to vape on the go but they can get messy.

  • Cannabis wax concentrates 

Wax extracts are mostly solid or semi-solid and thick, which leaves less of a mess. Depending on the thickness, they are different subtypes – rosin, budder, shatter, sap, resin, and others.

  • Coils & Vape Maintenance

 To maintain the life of your coils and vape, it’s important to do some maintenance. You can clean coils with a cotton swab q-tip. Soak the q-tip in alcohol and wipe down the atomizer and coils where the wax is placed and vaporized. 

  • Ceramic Vape Coil 

Ceramic coils deliver the pure flavor of your concentrates. Ceramic coils give a smooth vaping experience, give less dry hits, and are easy to use and load ceramic coils. Coils have long heat retention. 

  • Titanium/Quartz rod coil

The titanium coil is coiled around a small quartz rod. Some vape pens use coilless rods, the number of rods in each vape pen vary, but most typically have two. The titanium quartz rod coils create a dense cloud production, they heat fast and deliver pure flavor but not as pure as the flavor of the ceramic coil. 

  • Quartz Bowls

 Quarts bowls are not coils but instead, they are ceramic bowls. Ceramic bowls are loaded with concrete material, they heat up quickly and are very easy to load and maintain. Quartz bowls have low heat retention and deliver pure flavor and loads of vapor production. 

  • Concentrate Vape Pen 

Concentrate vaporizers are designed to use with extracts rather than dry herb, and typically vape at higher temperatures when compared to dry herb vaporizers. 


  • DAB pen/ Wax Pen

 Have a battery and a coil with a mouthpiece. They contain a preset voltage setting with precise temperature control which makes vape pens ideal for beginners. To use a wax pen simply place a small dab of wax, it will heat up to around 400F to vaporize the extract. Vape pens have different coils that can provide a softer or stronger vape. Heat wax concentrates in the pen’s inner chamber, it’s vaporized and then inhaled.