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This one is mostly for Guru, but I’m quite sure that Scotty would be very intrigued by this rabbithole:

I heard Guru say, “trust your nose” & something akin to “if it smells like rotten pond scum it’s gone completely anaerobic” and that is kinda true, but why is Guru so anaerophoic? What I mean is just because something is anaerobic or even smells like the dregs of Florida swamp scum out near that bitch Carole Baskin’s house. JADAM is a perfect example of that, it is Youngsang Cho the son of the Dr. Cho that started Korean Natural Farming’s style of ULC (Ultra Low Cost/Minimal-Input) farming/gardening that completely uses anaerobes that make fish emulsions smell like potpourri…or Bokashi, another amazing anaerobic action…people like David the Good has even been taking such things to absolute extrema for the sake of discovering survival tactics others are scared to discover (if you don’t know who he is you have got to look him up, his books are pocketsize, groundbreaking & super informative, as are his blog & vlog)…GURU, I NEED ANSWERS!?!?

Thanks guys, I love all the DGC, y’all keep overgrowing prohibition so we can all watch it fall down.

Reefer out!!!