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Hi guys ,

I’ve dealt with aphids twice now and it’s always a nightmare because they legit kill the roots in less then a couple days and can be mistaken for a nute lock out or over-watering. I have a 8×8 grow tent in the basement and I usually apply a weekly dose of spinosad in veg and nothing in flower. So I killed the aphids with my favorite product nuke em soap and I’m waiting for recovery too take cuts and throw everything out. Would using bugs indoors be a good idea? I don’t want to introduce a problem in the house hold where I have bugs flying around outside of the tent. I was leaning towards lady bugs instead of green lacewings. My friend said pirate bugs are good too but I’m looking for the most indoor friendly bug that won’t travel. Can you recommend too me the most indoor friendly bug to help prevent aphids for my next run indoors. I’m so sick of aphids !