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I got my pack of free seeds and I also bought another pack from best coast genetics. Sour sunshine and Banana soft serve. Well the bud came out great! Just one hiccup… 7/10 were males. It was a sausage party😂 I usually account for half and end up with more females. This time it went the other way. Oh well just a pick of the draw. This was a synganic grow and mostly organic with a lil extra boost in flower. Blooooooommm Bbooooossssttta! Just the fox farm flower trio and dry soil amendments and fox farm soil with bumper crop soil builder and vermiculite. Grown under growstar COB/LED lights. The s1200(240w) and s600(120w) I have 3 of each in a 4×8 but only used 2 of each for this grow.

first pics are the 2 very different phenos of the Banana soft serve and last is the Sour sunshine.