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Here’s a pic of my DGC free seed’s from seed’s here now. there’s a few different strains in this pic. the darker plants are dosidos, the super short ones are hellfire OG, then the lighter green one are wilko’s whack. 3/4 of this room are all wilko’s. Everything is in week 5 of flower. This room has been running super high temps cause the summer heat. I’m talking low to mid 90’s. The mono silicic acid has literally saved my grow from heat damage. I also ran some Terpinator just in case the terms are getting damaged by the heat. So far no foxtailing and there nice and dense, the terp’s are so loud that My 10” by 4’ phat filter can’t keep up with the smell. I actually had to add a second 10” by 4’ phat filter running remotely in the room to control the smell. I was honestly really surprised how well everything is dealing with the high temps. Hope all is well DGC.

Happy growing,
The Kid