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Hello fellow DGC members, Budders here.  I know the Dude did a show which featured reptile humidifiers, and I wanted the DGC to know what product I think is the best.  I actually found this humidifier on Amazon after watching the show mentioning them, and I must say, I must have been very drunk, because about three days later I get a delivery from Amazon that I had no recollection of ordering.  I open the box, and it is just so happens to be the humidifier of my dreams, lol.  So, this humidifier has a sensor that you put inside your tent, and you can set it for your desired humidity level.  I have found if I have it set on 55% humidity, my AC Infinity fan sensor will read 60% humidity.  This has been huge for me, as I am able to keep VPD absolutely dialed in while I am gone to work.  Also, with this humidifier, there is no need to humidify a big lung room for a small grow.  I have a link of the humidifier below, as well as a pic.  I hope this helps members of the DGC that is looking for a cost-effective solution to their possible humidification issues in their tent.  Stay lifted my DGC friends! WACOOL Reptile Humidifier with Constant Humidity Controller, 4L Large Tank Reptile Fogger with Humidistat & Extended Hose, Automatic Terrarium Fogger for Beared Dragon Lizard Gecko Snake Tortoise : Appliances