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Long time toker first time grower. Much love to the DGC for all that Dude, Scotty, Guru, The rest of the crew that make the show so great! The work and dedication that puts the Love front and center, show after show really give all of us a family to share time with. Some DGC love and knowledge made this girl possible. Left for some warmer weather to escape prohibition land just started showing some color weather forecast looked perfect for her to finish out with some nice cool nite temps. WOW is all I can say!!!!!! Love the show have learned so much from you guys that this NOOB can get these results. GaLinda MS.GrandmammyPurp. has been fed organic teas in living soil as well as top dressed organic slow release from buildasoil. Few things from the show that I find myself thinking of the most. Less is more! Time is time! Love your plants listen to them talk to them!! Oh Ya……… Just to mess with Scotty……Of Course RECHARGE!!!#  Much Love!